Hello! Welcome to the Oekaki Tutorial, brought to you by Ninja-Monkey.com! From my personal experience, I've put together a tutorial for you explaining functions and techniques in the oekaki Paint BBS v.2.04. I've done this because to be honest, I haven't found many good oekaki tutorials out there. I remember how frustrating it was for me at the beginning wondering what all the functions were and how to execute some of the great oekakis I'd seen on Kapolo Club's oekaki.

I've divided the lessons into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Also, I hope to have a few guest oekaki experts explain their techniques as well. Though understanding is a good foundation for becoming a great artist (in every media) practical application and experimentation will make these lessons concrete. I recommend both practicing and experimenting with the oekaki functions. Don't be intimidated. We all have to start somewhere.

Finally, I hope these lessons will help you. If you have any questions, I'll work on erecting an FAQ to answer them. Please email your questions to nockerbrat@yahoo.com Happy doodling!!

--René (Z) Brandt-Barr, Webmistress

Basic Intermediate Expert
  • Lesson 5--Complex composition with overlapping elements (coming soon)
  • Lesson 6--Oekaki Painting (coming soon)
Guest Tutorials
  • Niko Geyer shares some of his time to show off his techniques while drawing Hikaru from Hikaru no Go!
  • Neo demonstrates her beautiful photo-referenced oekaki painting technique (and satisfies some hockey fandom in the process ^_^)
  • Kiara was kind enough to show us a practical application for the Layer Unify tool. Thanks Kiara!
  • Imonkey has submitted a MUST SEE tutorial. Go see this just for the quality of the art if nothing else. Wow.
  • Hclark gives us a few tips on how to make realistic looking eyes! Check it out.
Requests? Submissions? Feedback? Please email me. o(^_^)o

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