About the Artist

Welcome to my page! My name is RenĂ© Barr. I am mother of two and wife of one. Having been a freelance artist for fifteen years, I can say that it’s not an easy field to break into, but you know, it sure beats the hell out of flipping burgers.  I’ve always wanted to be a professional artist. I discovered in college that commercial art was certainly not the direction in which I wanted to take my career. Illustration! Now that’s where all the glamour is, right?

Professionally, I’ve been printed in several different publications including a core rule book for a small role-playing camp out of Boulder, Colorado, Scrollworks Press, and a small art magazine called ‘Montage’ printed in Illinois.I have several pieces in d20 supplement books by Mongoose Publishing. Most of my professional pieces are character portraits by commission. In fact, I’m usually available for commission. For more information, check my pricing grid. Some of my art has appeared at anime conventions as promo art or in the schedule/handbooks. Speaking of anime conventions, I have made appearances at A-kon, Naka-kon, Anime Nebraskon, Anime Iowa, and Motaku. My attendance has been down in recent years due to caring for a family, but I hope to return to regular appearances.

Aside from my art career, my hobbies are cooking, singing, playing video games (of all sorts but mostly jrpg’s) and playing with my daughters. I absolutely adore anime and manga and made a concerted effort to learn that style. Fantasy and comics have also had an influence on my style. I find that creating art for others is the greatest reward. Though I do open myself up to creative expression from time to time, I get the greatest enjoyment making pieces for people in person and conventions. I hope to make art for you one day! In the meantime, please enjoy what I have to offer.