Ninja Monki-Our hero is the last of the monkey clan's legendary ninja. These deft and agile warriors protected the monkey clan and their small island from invaders and supernatural threats for generations. For so long, he thought himself the only survivor of the monkey clan altogether. Hence, he went by the name Monki to signify he was a lone representative of a decimated clan. That is, until he discovered that the Monkey Lord's children Orange and Wang were rescued by Master Moo and were currently being sheltered in the Moo palace to ensure the survival of the clan. However, Monki has insight to Moo's true intentions and he plans on stealing the young princess and returning her to her ancestral home. Well, that, and he's got a soft spot for the spoiled little princess.

Special Notes: Ninja Monki never utters a sound-not even to Orange. Some speculate that he's taken a vow of silence. Others think him dumb or that his tongue has been extracted for being a thief. Ninja Monki isn't offering much to prove the theories one way or another.

Orange Tang-Orange is the adopted daughter of Master Moo, the ruler of the Moo-Tang clan. Orange is the last surviving daughter of Mizaru-sama, the late lord of the monkey clan. Orange is spoiled and quick to temper. Hence, she is further spoiled by Master Moo and his servants. After her adoption with Master Moo, Orange has trained in the Moo-Tang martial arts. While she exhibits more talent for her dancing, she can certainly defend herself in an even match.

Special Notes: Orange Tang calls governor Kung-Pao 'uncle' causing some people to believe that her family was familiar with the governor years earlier. In any case, Kung-Pao seems fond and very protective of the young princess.

Wang Tang-Orange's little brother, Wang is the last surviving son of Mizaru-sama and therefore entitled to his late father's land and kingdom. However, it doesn't seem likely he'll live to see the day of inheritence. Wang has an obvious talent for getting himself into fights, no matter the odds. Fortunately for the future of the monkey clan, he is a strong fighter. Unfortunately, he doesn't think of himself as a monkey. Since age 5, Wang had been raised by members of the Moo-Tang clan. His instructors began to insinuate that the monkey clan died because they were weak. Naturally, Wang thinks he survived because he was strong, and worthy of the Tang name. Despite his hatred for the monkey clan, Wang serves as Orange's protector. He jealously guards his older sister against anything that may lead her away from the protection of the Moo-Tang clan. Hence his rivalry with Ninja Monki.

Special Notes: Wang survived the eradication of his clan only because he clung, bawling, to Orange as they were whisked away to safety.

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