The Adventures of Ninja Monkey

This is a comic that I’d had in development off and on for over a decade, and in early 2016 I finally decided to pull the trigger and draw it. Set in an Asian-themed fantasy world, this adventure was heavily inspired by the classic Journey to the West, featuring a pair of circus performers, the night that turned their lives upside down, and the mysterious ninja who appears to protect them. I completed 4 chapters by the end of 2018;  however, the pacing of the story just wasn’t fitting the weekly release schedule. I want to return to the Ninja Monkey universe in the future, possibly with a revised art style and a quicker narrative. I don’t regret the time I spent on it, though. As my first attempt at a long-form comic, I learned a lot and stretched myself in ways I hadn’t imagined!

Why I Can’t Cry

My mother died in 2019. I don’t think she would have survived the pandemic. She never could do as she was told. That year, I started writing a comic trying to process why I didn’t cry over her death. Today on her birthday, I’m sharing that with the public. Previously, it was posted exclusively on Patreon.
RIP mom. Give all our pets love on the other side.

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